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Allow rescan of ID3 tags without losing analysis/quickCUEs

At the moment, if I update my music's tags using an external program (such as iTunes or mp3tag), I have to force analyse my music (or else delete TQDs and clear the database), for the updated tags to be shown in Torq. This means I lose all of my quickCUES/anchors/grid alignments and have to start from scratch with each track.


I would like another option to be added to the right click context menus called "Rescan tags", that only scans the music's tags, re-importing the tag values - and leaves everything else (such as quickCUEs, anchors, BPM/waveform) untouched.


ie: Think of it like a "force analyse" where all the other steps (such as calculating BPM/clearing quickCUEs) are missed out - and the only thing actually performed is the "scan tags" part.


Note: This request is deliberately not covering being able to _export_ changes made in Torq back to the mp3s, since that's a much bigger issue and is best dealt with separately. This request is only for importing.



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