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Main Channel Effects

Unless it's there and I missed it...I'd like to be able to apply effects to all four channels more easily. So if I'm mixing with 2-4 decks at one point and want to add one effect to them all, that I can. Kind of like if you have an effects processor hooked up to the main output.


Submitted by 4 years ago

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  1. Totally agree. I run my mixers effects through the main and would like to see another effect rack added for the main output.

    4 years ago
  2. First I thought about using the new compressor (which I really like) on the Master-Out, but I'm a turntablist, so there is no Master-Out for me ;)

    Loading the same effect to different or all decks can allready be done with snapshots and/or saved effects racks.

    4 years ago
  3. Alex Moschopoulos Idea Submitter

    I hear you on using snapshots. Even I first thought of that...but it would still be nice to be able to have a main-out effects...down the road.

    4 years ago
  4. For the whole flexibility i would take only 2+vst effects per deck and add 2+vst effects to mixer (with send/insert per channel) and build in compressor/limiter combo on the master out.

    4 years ago

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