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Loop drag´n´drop to sampler

Since I´m a 2 deck guy, i´d love to be able to drag´n´drop a running loop to a sample bank and have it playing immedatially with and option to unload the deck when the loop is dropped in the sample bank.

Would be great for live-mashups.


Submitted by J_Kut 3 years ago

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  1. An option to do this via MIDI would be good to. Like holding 'CTRL' or any other control starte and hit a cue-point to take the loop from the current playing deck...

    3 years ago
  2. i agree... this would help with on the fly beat blending and remixing ...

    i am a die hard mash up dj... and this would help me introduce new beats and acappela's to a mash up.. quicker

    3 years ago