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Lock mapping by default, to stop accidental right clicks

Add a lock/unlock button to the controller assignment window, which turns right-click mapping off/on. Default it to locked.


It's very easy for both novice and experienced users to accidentally right click controls on-screen (eg when in the dark in a club, using a trackpad where the right mouse button is so easy to knock) without meaning to.

This comes up so many times on the forum - where people are saying that XYZ button no longer works.

I suggest:

- Adding a lock/unlock button inside the controller assignments window

- Making the default state "locked"

- This button means that people who are happy to leave it unlocked all the time, can still do so, if they are willing to take the risk

- Everyone else can just toggle it on/off as needed, and make sure it's locked again after they've made their changes.

An alternative implementation would be something like Ableton Live does - whereby there is a toolbar button in the main window, that when pressed, activates "mapping mode", and everything changes colour to make it more obvious then just accidentally right clicking on controls.



Submitted by 4 years ago

Comments (3)

  1. PLEASE! I am constantly screwing up my settings - I don't know how most of the time.

    I bet half of user complaints about things not working right are attributable to this easily preventable problem.

    4 years ago
  2. This happens to me quite often. Stupid Windows machine with the right click button adjacent to the regular left click button. I now know what happened, but still have to go through the steps to fix that one errant tap.

    4 years ago
  3. This is a great idea, maybe a confirm after the right click and map?

    4 years ago

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