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Ignore Silence @ the end of a Track (Dead Air)

It would be good if Torq could recognize and ignore silence at the beginning and end of a track.

This would also help with the 30 second warning. Sometimes the 30 second warning doesn't help if there is dead space at the end of the song. If there is 15 seconds of silence at the end of a song, then you only have a 15 second warning.


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  1. And beginning of tracks.... ala the iTunes option to not play so much at the beginning and end of tracks.

    4 years ago
  2. Agreed... The silence at the beginning is annoying. Other software can cue to the beginning of the audio automatically as can many CD players. It should be able to do that based on what is the norm now.

    4 years ago
  3. This could be an optional process when the tracks are analysed. With option in the menu or in preferences file.

    4 years ago

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