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Allow rescan of ID3 tags without losing analysis/quickCUEs

At the moment, if I update my music's tags using an external program (such as iTunes or mp3tag), I have to force analyse my music (or else delete TQDs and clear the database), for the updated tags to be shown in Torq. This means I lose all of my quickCUES/anchors/grid alignments and have to start from scratch with each track.

I would like another option to be added to the right click context menus called "Rescan tags", that only scans the music's tags, re-importing the tag values - and leaves everything else (such as quickCUEs, anchors, BPM/waveform) untouched.

ie: Think of it like a "force analyse" where all the other steps (such as calculating BPM/clearing quickCUEs) are missed out - and the only thing actually performed is the "scan tags" part.

Note: This request is deliberately not covering being able to _export_ changes made in Torq back to the mp3s, since that's a much bigger issue and is best dealt with separately. This request is only for importing.


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  1. Agree 100%. This was one of my main faults with the previous versions. I'm planning a later purchase of Mixed In Key, I would like to actually use that information in Torq 2 without losing any cue point or anchor work, not to mention, the corrected bpm scans with my multi-genre music collection.

    4 years ago
  2. This is the only reason i don't use Torq.

    Come on Avid I've been waiting over 3 years for you to sort this.

    I'm forever moving files and editing or updating tag info and you expect us to lose cue points and stuff.

    Please write to the mp3 tag and stop using tqd files.

    And to quote a few things mentioned in the manual.

    "Torq does not update the songs id3 tag with your edits"

    Well it should. People do use there music in other programs too you know.

    "By saving your edits to the tqd file, Torq can save your changes much faster (changing an id3 tag requires re writing the entire audio file. something that could affect system performance during live use"

    I've never ever had an mp3 become corrupt after tagging. And as for tagging during a live performance any sensible dj would avoid doing this when playing out live.

    A better idea would be to make a note of the tracks that need altering then fix them after the gig.

    Torq needs to be friendly with external tag editors because there is no point editing in Torq - It just doesn't cut it.

    And get rid of those tqd files please.

    Traktor got it right by writing important info to the mp3 tag.

    I suggest you take a close look at how your competition manages mp3 files.

    There is so much power in Torq but until you fix this I can't even thing about using Torq

    4 years ago
  3. Ed Idea Submitter


    I agree that many of the other points you raise need to be sorted, but they are all more invasive, hence why I split the simplest (and most annoying for me) aspect out on it's own for this entry.

    Worth logging the others (separately) though, since good ideas.

    4 years ago
  4. So surprised this was not addressed by 2.0. It would be a huge improvement to library management.

    4 years ago
  5. This issuse needs to be resolved ASAP i cannot keep rescanning a 5,000+ song library everytime i have a gig or in a practice/recording session. If this issue is not fixed in a VERY upcoming patch, I will not be using your AVID Dj products. Torq is a great program, just fix this bs.

    4 years ago
  6. TQD files are messy but I rather have more files than the chance to corrupt a mp3 and not know til its too late.

    A simple "Rescan ID3" will be the best solution. IMHO

    4 years ago

    4 years ago
  8. Its long past time this was addressed. Its the simplest yet most annoying short coming of this software.

    4 years ago
  9. A suggestion in relation to this notion of a potential loss of data contained in TQD files :

    3 years ago

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