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Add separate high pass and low pass filter effects

The dual filter effect is great, but it's easy to miss the mid-way point when sweeping a dial back - so I think it would be good to have separate high pass and low pass filter effects, in addition to leaving the dual filter as is.

This would give greater control over the range of say a high pass sweep with a dial, since you can now use the whole dial, not just half. It would also avoid accidentally missing the mid-way "off" point.



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  1. can just map two knobs to the one dual filter, and make one knob have a minimun at 0 and maximum at %50 and the second knob have a minimum at %50 and a maximum at %100...same thing.

    4 years ago
  2. This is a must have for me! Since I got Torq 1.04 I've been missing the filters that I was used to from Ms Pinky. MS Pinky has a lot of filter choices and it is really helpful to have the option to use the type of filter you really want because of the range you get to control especially when using Midi controllers. Please vote for this you'll see why you did when it gets added :D Regarding Popinpetejr thats a good work around but taking up an extra control from my midi device which i don't have many of... Thanks

    4 years ago
  3. I would like a one knob control over low/high pass filter just like tractor one it is fast. I combine filter with strobe fx and twisting 4 knobs at the same time it challenging

    3 years ago

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